The Survey Process

The process of your marine survey begins with contacting us and expanding on details such as vessel information, location, date, time, etc. and coming up with an agreed upon quote for cost. From there an emailed contract is sent to retain the appointment. 

It is encouraged for the survey requester to attend the inspection in-person and be a part of the process. For vessel buyers, it is a chance to familiarize yourself with the vessel and get live feedback from the surveyor as they are performing the inspection. For vessel owner's, maybe needing an inspection to satisfy insurance requirements for example, it is very beneficial to the surveyor for you to be there, typically nobody knows the vessel quite like the owner!

Any haulout scheduling is to be coordinated between the survey requester (and/or broker if applicable) and haulout facility. A captain for any trial runs will also need to be appointed.

The inspection typically takes 3-10 hours in person, and roughly the same to draft the report, depending on the size and state of the vessel obviously. A clean, well-organized vessel is easier and safer to inspect, so try to have the subject vessel tidy for inspection. Temporarily removing all personal items and items stored in compartments really aids in helping to get the inspection done in a timely manner. Organized paperwork/documentation and safety gear is also a nice bonus. 

Once the report is published, it will be emailed to the survey requester, and the survey requester ONLY. We are working for you, the survey requester, no one else!

Survey Types

Pre-Purchase Surveys
The Pre-Purchase Survey is the most extensive and involved type. It includes the inspection and operation of all vessel systems, including Propulsion, Electrical, Fuel, Water, Plumbing, Pumps, Electronics and any other on-board machinery. It is just as important to perform on a brand-new vessel as it is on a vessel that's been in service for decades. Boats are hand built for the most part, and brand new ones always have some kinks to be worked out.

Typical Pre-Purchase Surveys involve:
  • An inspection of all accessible interior and exterior vessel structures.
  • An out-of-water inspection of the hull's wetted surfaces, hullside surfaces and propulsion/running gear.
  • A percussion hull sounding on the hull’s wetted surfaces (and hullsides if accessible and practical). This is an inspection technique which produces tones on a surface by tapping the surface with an instrument, (usually a plastic hammer). This technique is used to detect possible issues in a composite structure, such as delamination or compromised core in a laminate.
  • A Trial-Run is conducted, and the vessel and it's systems performances are evaluated.
  • Electronic Conductivity (Moisture) Analysis is performed on suspect vessel laminates.
  • Both AC and DC electrical systems are tested as much as possible/practical.
    Oil, lube and coolant levels are checked on all applicable machinery/systems.
  • Determination of the vessel's "Fair Market Value" & "Replacement Value", and the Survey's "Findings and Recommendations" are made.
NOTE: Separate Expert/Brand Specific Certified Engine/Mechanical Surveys are invaluable and always highly recommended. These are much more in-depth than what a vessel surveyor provides, typically using diagnostic tools by factory trained technicians specific to each brand.

NOTE: We have no issues inspecting Sailing Vessel hull and systems, however a separate inspection of all the sailing-specific rigging is always advised by us, due to our unfamiliarity with the various intricacies of sail propulsion.
Insurance/Finance Surveys
The Insurance/Finance Condition and Value Survey is conducted for Insurance Companies or Financial Institutions in order to determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk and to establish a "Fair Market Value" for them to work with. These institutions are most interested in the structural integrity, safety and value of the vessel.

Depending on what is required by the specific institution, these type of surveys can be almost as involved as a pre-purchase survey.
Damage Claims Surveys
When insurance claims are made for damaged vessels, the claim needs to be investigated by a marine surveyor. Damage Claim Surveys are performed to assess the extent of vessel damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost and determine probable cause of the damage.

Surveys are conducted using the Mandatory Safety Standards set forth by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), under the authority of Title 46 United States Code (USC); Title 33 and title 46, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the voluntary Standards and Recommended Practices developed by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as guidelines. 

Other Services

Oil, Lube, and Coolant Lab Testing/Analysis
Oil and Lube Analysis is available for engines, generators, transmissions and drives. An Oil Sample Analysis evaluates the levels and types of metals and the presence of such contaminants as abrasives, soot, water, fuel, and engine coolant in the oil of gas and diesel engines. A lab report will flag any suspected anomalies, state possible causes, and offer some recommendations. Typical conditions that can be found by analysis include abnormal wear of metals, fuel dilution, dirt or water contamination, coolant contamination, and incorrect lubricant. Discovering any out-of-range condition early can prevent expensive repairs later on.

Coolant Sample Analysis is also available. This is similar to an oil analysis, and used to determine the Coolant’s life-span and its effectiveness in preventing corrosion in the Cooling System.

WOJO Marine utilizes the services of Motor Check Oil Analysis Clinic in West Palm Beach, FL. Turnaround time is typically a day-or two, and all results will be emailed to the survey requester. 
Appraisals are conducted to gather enough information to justify or determine the “Fair Market Value” of the vessel. Appraisals are generally required for financing, donations, estate settlements and legal cases.
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